Between regularity and irregularity (2012)
International Video 3   
Video , 07:50

Masahiro Tsutani (JP)

Work presented as part of the WRO 2013 on Tour

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Between regularity and irregularity (single—channel video, 2012) The artist improvises and through this conversation with himself, he has a chaotic worldview evocative of the firing of nerve cells, clustering sounds of convulsiveness. Finely—detailed images filled with light that have been synched to sound. Nature creates the glow of light and the beauty of a shape lying between regularity and irregularity. Sounds and images with a granular texture. These things grasp the depths of the brain to bring forth an overwhelming experience.

Masahiro Tsutani (born 1968) — a Japanese mechanical designer. Graduate of the Nagoya Institute of Technology. After having devoted himself to dub, funk, free jazz, noise, and ethnic music, he awakened to the pleasurable sensations created by fluctuations in the interspaces between sound and sound, which started his journey towards his current work making convulsive music and images. Began taking photos in 2003, and began creating image products in 2010. His work includes live performances using only sound, live performances with synchronized sound and images, and image products.

His main interest is in distilling and expanding the principle of joy, and combining them with other types of pleasure, to create new types of enjoyment.

WRO Art Center MKiDN Wrocław  
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