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Eric Siu (HK)
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Old Town Market Square:

9.05, 18:00
11.05, 13:00 + 15:00
12.05, 16:00

In his project, Touchy, Eric Siu presents a mobile interactive device that explores the core of human relation. The artist wears a helmet, which has a pair of shutters in front of his eyes that cover his vision. During the performance, he passes a lightbulb—like object, called Touchy Bulb, to the bystander, and once someone grabs the bulb and touches his skin, the shutters get opened instantly. When someone touches the artist continuously for 10 seconds, he takes a photo of him/her that is displayed at the back LCD of the helmet. The interaction is done by a very simple technology — completing a circuit by touch.

Eric Siu (born in Hong Kong) — new media artist who has a broad interest in device art, interactive art, kinetics, installation, video and animation.

He worked as a resident artist at the Ishikawa Oku Laboratory of the University of Tokyo for 2 years after he had received his MFA from the Department of Design Media Arts at UCLA in 2010. Before that, he had completed a 12-month cultural exchange and research project in the United States funded by the Asian Cultural Council. Since 2008, he is a board member of the Videotage in Hong Kong.

His video art and multi-media works have been shown both locally and internationally including USA, Australia, Japan, Korea, Germany, and Poland, amongst others. He has exhibited in media art festivals including FILE, Transmediale, EMAF, WRO, SIGGRAPH Asia, ISEA, Microwave, and so fort. His video short “Sliding Whites” received an honorable mention from the WRO 05, 11th International Media Art Biennale, Wroclaw, Poland. “Touchy” has been featured in various media, such as Neural, Washington Post, Huffington Post, Discovery News, the Creators Project, etc.

He is currently based in Tokyo and works as a creative director for Great Works Tokyo advertising agency.

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