Micro Retrospective 1970—2008
Pioneering Values Artist Shows: Skip Blumberg, Józef Robakowski, Michael Scroggins   
Program , 57:00

Skip Blumberg (USA)
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Works selected by the author, an influential figure in the evolution of independent video documentary and experimental filmmaking. Since the 70s, he has produced hundreds of shorts, TV shows, installations, exhibitions, and multimedia performances, and continues as an active mediamaker.

Skip Blumberg Interview

Flying Morning Glory (on fire), 1985, 4:00. A zany hot cooking/performance video in Thailand
What`s That For? / Me`s and Youse, 1970/1971, 3:00.  Early black and white art videos produced with Videofreex
JGLNG, 1976, 5:25  A high contrast analysis of the act of juggling
Pick Up Your Feet:  the Double Dutch Show, 1981, 29:15  All the big tricks, music, laughs, and tears of championship rope jumping in this classic documentary video
#1 Video Artist: Nam June Paik, 2006, 8:45  Homage to the legendary artist by NJP`s friends and colleagues, including Yoko Ono, Merce Cunningham, Carolee Schneemann, Wulf Herzogenrath and Bill Viola
Calypso Tumblers, 2008, 6:40  One of NYC`s and the world`s top street acts models big biceps and good values, too

Introduction: Wojciech Orliński

WRO Art Center MKiDN Wrocław  
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