Around the Corner (2012)
Um die Ecke
Rings of Saturn   

Denis Handschin (CH) + Michel Winterberg (CH)
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Around the Corner (installation, 2012) For their site—specific work, Denis Handschin and Michel Winterberg have analyzed the Dreispitz area in Basel, Switzerland in terms of specific characteristics regarding acoustics, visuality and electromagnetic fields, placing a focus on the immediate, intuitive snapshot and subjective perception.
To visualize this, data analysis serves a pyramidal model with its base corresponding to the proportions of the distinctive corners of the area. The primed form with bone meal is now composed as a projection surface for the following media: photography and video were used to inventory, computed tomography images of stored finds of the Archaeological Soil Sciences of Basel—Stadt, live data in real time from the Internet, their contents consist of meteorological values and webcam transmissions from outer environment.
Around the Corner discussed the need to address a prognostic look forward. Here fundamental questions are addressed the way in which future developments are determined by man and where obvious and hidden comes together. In a mix of various approaches, as a reflection of common interests and the urban goings, the senses are overstimulated and messages in their visibility back made invisible. The displayed data are subject to continual change and existing information is therefore volatile and uncontrollable snapshots from the subjective perspective of the viewer. The object is almost an oracle and a kaleidoscope of past, present and the future.

The work is shown within Media Intersections.

Media Intersections is a collaborative project between WRO Art Center, House of Electronic Arts (Basel), and RIXC Center (Riga) supported by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia in the framework of the Cooperations 2012—2013 program.

Media Intersections project during WRO 2013 includes installations by Aline Veillat, Michel Winterberg, Denis Handschin, the RIXC group and a lecture by Doris Gassert.

Denis Handschin (b. 1981 in Visp) — a Swiss transdisciplinary artist.

He creates visceral performance installations that evoke a sense of the transient and transformative. His performances make use of the body and physical action to illustrate aspects of the personal and existential in the human experience as well as natural phenomena and their intersection with our daily lives.
He has exhibited internationally in Switzerland and Germany, but also Czech Republic and South Africa, among others.
He was awarded several awards (Werkbeitrag, Kunstkredit Basel—Stadt, 2011; Sitemapping, Mediaproject, Bundesamt für Kultur, 2009;, Liestal BL, 2007, 2008).
He is currently doing his master degree in the Department of Cultural  Analysis at the Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland.

Michel Winterberg (b. 1972 in Basel) — a Swiss media artist. He builds interactive audiovisual installations, facade projections, does software engineering for real—time development environments and physical computing, develops sound designs and makes electronic music.
He graduated in Product and Industrial Design at the Institute HyperWerk in Basel, Academy of Art and Design, University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland.

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