PEACOCK (2012)
Rings of Saturn   

panGenerator – Jakub Koźniewski (PL) + Krzysztof Cybulski (PL) + Piotr Barszczewski (PL) + Krzysztof Goliński (PL)
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PEACOCK (installation, 2012)  An interactive, kinetic, audiovisual installation, based on a ‘kinetic’ or ‘robotic’ mapping.

Three ‘feathers’ are moved independently by stepper motors and projection is mapped onto their surface in synchronisation with their movement. Visuals mapped onto the feathers are interconnected with the sound. There are two modes of operation: in the first one, there is a physics simulation of the bodies ‘trapped’ inside the feathers and sound is produced in response to collisions etc., a bit like in a ‘virtual rattle’ (the variety of simulations is constantly growing) — the viewer may control the speed and range of the movement of the feathers via a simple interface displayed on the tablet; in the second mode, the sound is produced in a more direct manner together with the visuals, so the visual patterns and feather movements are connected with the sound — in this case, the user is able to control type of sounds and rhythmical patterns via the similar interface like in the first scenario, but with a considerably higher degree of control.

panGenerator is an interdisciplinary new media art and design group from Warsaw, Poland, established in 2010. Their goal is to combine design and art with modern technologies and to operate outside the borders between different fields by cooperation with specialists — engineers, fashion designers, musicians and programmers. Apart from from their work in the creative realm they are active in sharing their knowledge and educating on utilizing new technologies in art and design. Their works have been exhibited at European Culture Congress, Gallery 2.0 and most recently at Kordegarda Gallery (Warsaw).

The core members of the group are: Jakub Koźniewski, Piotrek Barszczewski, Krzysztof Cybulski, Krzysztof Goliński.

Jakub Koźniewski (b. 1986) — designer and artist creating in the field of new media (installations, interactive objects, webdesign), as well as some older ones (graphic design, poster, animation and motion design). He is also a programmer blending aestethics and technology in a synergic way. Founder of panGenerator collective.

Piotr Barszczewski — electronics and interaction specialist focused on creating tools for artistic expressions. He studied Automatics and Robotics on Warsaw Technical University. Programming and designing hardware, construction, software and electronics, etc.

Krzysztof Cybulski — bass player and composer. He studied at Music Academy in Katowice and at Fine Arts High School in Zakopane. His activities include creation of film music and sound design, professional bass guitar playing, experimental electronic music production, development of software tools for digital sound processing, participation in audiovisual installations and acts.

Krzysztof Goliński (b. 1981 in Vienna) — multimedia artist with computer science degree in Multimedia and Artificial Intelligence. He has graduated with distinction from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. He creates algorithmic paintings, generative objects and interactive installations. His art is often inspired by mathematic relations between shapes and colors.

WRO Art Center MKiDN Wrocław  
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