Revelation of Eve Clone (2011)
Rings of Saturn   

Pey-Chwen Lin (TW)
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Revelation of Even Clone (installation, 2011)  In Eve Clone Series, Lin has created a genetic clone woman in 3D animation, which deforming frequently in the test tube. This digital figure is named “Eve Clone” because God created Eve, but human creates “Eve Clone” — the artificial life of woman. It is the theme of questioning of Man’s desire to play God through the science and technology. Moreover, Lin imprinted 666 numbers in different language on the forehead and right hand of Eve Clone because the Bible’s Revelation, 13:18 says that in The End of the Days, the one with the numbers 666 engraved on the forehead and right hand will not be able to escape from the control of evil beasts. Lin uses this figure as a metaphor referring to natural disasters caused by the extreme development of science and technology. If human being isn’t aware of this, he will be restrained by science and technology, just like Eve Clone, who bears the “sign of the beast” on her forehead.

Lin Pey Chwen (b. 1959 in Pingtung) — an intermedia artist. Art professor and director of Digital Art Lab in National Taiwan University of Arts. She studied at Central Missouri State University (1984—85) and received her doctorate degree of Creative Arts from University of Wollongong in Australia in 1995. One of the founders and the directors of Taiwan Women Art Association.

Her artworks are presented in many museums and awarded by many festivals, such as: National Taiwan Museum of Arts, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, MOCA Taipei, Kaohsiung Museum of Arts, Queens Museum of Art in USA, and Art Stage Singapore, Taipei Digital Art Festival, 404 Art Festival in Italy and Argentina, Shanghai Electronic Art Festival, Exit and VIA Art Festival in France. Engain-les Bains Digital Art Festival in Paris, Taipei Biennial, Taiwan Biennial, etc.

Her achievements were recorded in several art books, including “History of Contemporary Taiwan Woman Artists”, “Installation Art in Taiwan”, “Taiwan Contemporary Art”, “Taiwan Modern Art Series”, “The History and Development of Digital Art”, “Art of Taiwan”, “Digital Aesthetics”, “Art Island — An Archive of Taiwan Contemporary Artists”, “High School Art Textbook”, “Taiwan Digital Art E Files”, “Yearbook of Chinese Contemporary Art” in China, Asian “Who’s Who in Singapore” and “n.paradoxa feminist art journal” in England.

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