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WRO 2013 on Tour
WRO 2013 Pioneering Values at Kino.LAB

WRO 2013 Pioneering Values on Tour is a cross-section of works and documentation of the WRO Biennale programme, selected by its artistic director Piotr Krajewski.

WRO 2013 has been in many respects the largest of the editions of the Biennale, which aims to present the media art as integral part of contemporary art. Events and exhibitions, which in 2013 have been combined under the title Pioneering Values, have been prepared to mark the 50th anniversary of the appearance of electronic art. They deal with the influence of the creative practices that originated in the 1960s experiments with electronic art on the shape of the contemporary artistic landscape as well as presenting examples of the newest art project of the last two years, which employ the tools of contemporary communication.

Due to the retrospective character of the 15th WRO Media Art Biennale, the sets of WRO Pioneering Values on Tour comprise the now classical productions of outstanding pioneers of media art and exceptional works derived from curatorial programmes as well as the newest and most interesting works selected from amongst those put forward for the event. Post-video art works, sophisticated visual screen compositions, experimental forms, records of multimedia performances and interactive installations as well as projects that focus on new forms of cultural communication all combine to create a programme that is varied both thematically and formally.

WRO Art Center MKiDN Wrocław  
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