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Artist Talk Sonica Series at the WRO Biennale 2013 is an audiovisual and sound event celebrating the closing of the project with artists selected by MoTA and Biennale WRO 2013.

ODAIBE (PL)- Bartek Szlachcic + Ela Leszczyńska + Karol Jaśkowiak: Ghost Drummer, 2012, audiovisual perfomance 

Bartek Szlachcic is a graphic designer, musician and new media artist He create sounds & space under name Odaibe. Ghost Drummer is a multidisciplinary project that explores graphic qualities in process of playing on a drum kit. Besides being a musician, drummer when playing is unconsciously engaged in an elaborate choreography. The drum sticks are the extensions of drummer’s hands like a brush is an extension of the painter’s hand. Motion-captured movements become a visual map over a time revealing fragile rhythm structures and invisible notations behind energetic instrumental solo.

OCTEX (SI), 2013, Live act

Jernej Marušič aka Octex is one of most profiled and internationally established Slovenian electronic artists, operating in between club and avant-garde, exploring the boundaries of dub aesthetics and sub bass frequencies. Besides that he has released music on numerous labels (Mute, EFA, Entropy, Public Records) and remixed artists such as Laibach, Marko Furstenberg, Gabriel Le Mar, Ulltra Red, he has been performing his audiovisual live sets at festivals and clubs all around Europe, such as ARS Electronica (Linz), Club Transmediale (Berlin), ISEA (Helsinki), Dis-patch (Belgrade) Exit (Novi Sad) White Night (Riga), Flussi (Avellino)

SaMMan (SI): Peace Of War, 2013, live electroacoustic performance

Matjaž Manček alias saMMan plays prepared guitar, unprepared electronics, pure hardware. Since 2006 he performs solo or as part of ad hoc collaborations. His solo performances were presented among other at Berlin’s Zentrale Randlage, Ljubljana’s P74, Galerija Kapelica, Atrij SAZU. Collaborative improvised perfomances include Bratislava’s A4 (with rbnx & Miro Toth), Berlin’s M12 (with Alexei Borisov, Kotra, Zenial), Mostar’s OKC Abrašević, Graz’s Intermediate Spaces, Belgrade’s B-link festival and more. He was a member of Alzheimer Trio, they have perfomed improvised sessions with Mikrokolektyw, Anthony Pateras, Robin Fox, Will Guthrie, Ferran Fages, Jean-Philippe Gross, among others.

EMPTYSET (UK): Trawsfynydd, 2012, visual sound installation- screening

Emptyset’s (James Ginzburg and Paul Purgas) Trawsfynydd is a film installation  of sound and video recorded in decommissioned nuclear power station Trawsfynydd in Snowdonia, using the  resonances of the building’s interiors. The film was premiered at Tate Modern in  Late at Tate Britain: Performing Architecture. Spatial recordings and video captured inside the vast Modernist interior examining a moment in time within the life of this landmark structure, considering both its industrial legacy and transitional future.

WRO Art Center MKiDN Wrocław  
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