dIP (Deconstructing Identity Paradigm) (2012)

IP (Identity Problem Group) — Jakub Lech (PL) + Bogumił Misala (PL)
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dIP (Deconstructing Identity Paradigm) (performance, 2012)  Audiovisual performance by Jakub Lech and Bogumił Misala in which three random streams: word, music, and image that provoke into a perceptive play. Habit—confused both the author and the receiver of the message/meaning start the process of coding and de—coding anew.


1. random word generator

2. speach synthesis

3. audio samples` processing / video samples` set—up

4. confrontation: file exchange (image/sound)

5. randomization of the set—up structures

6. synchronized structures` set—up

7. live performance

[IP] IDENTITY PROBLEM GROUP, a collective of Polish artists based in Wrocław, working with different forms of expression and various media: Łukasz Twarkowski (theatre), Jakub Lech (video art), Bogumił Misala (music), Anka Herbut (dramaturgy/art naming), Piotr Choromański (scenography/architecture).

Jakub Lech (b. 1978 in Wrocław) — a Polish new media artist exploring the relationship between image and sound. A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław (2003). Laureate of several drawing and animated film contests. Co—founder and member of [IP] IDENTITY PROBLEM GROUP. Illustrator, VJ. He works in animation, visualisation, interactive installation, multimedia design. Cooperates with Capitol Music Theatre in Wrocław, The Wroclaw Pantomime Theatre, Wroclaw Contemporary Theatre or Polish Theatre in Wrocław. Since 2008, he has been lecturing at the University of Lower Silesia (faculty of special effects and 3D graphic art).

He lives and works in Wrocław.

Bogumił Misala (b. 1980 in Rybnik) — a producer and a composer connected with the Polish scene of electronic and experimental music. Co—founder and member of [IP] IDENTITY PROBLEM GROUP. Expert in the new media aesthetics (Master of Philosophy at the University of Wrocław, master thesis entitled: „Adorno`s notion of art versus electronic music on the basis of Aphex Twin”). Author of music for various multimedia projects, performances, animations, theatre plays, video screenings and films. He lives and works in Wrocław.

WRO Art Center MKiDN Wrocław  
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