Sneaky Time
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Ozge Samanci, Blacki Li Rudi Migliozzi (USA)
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Sneaky Time (interactive installation, 2012)  Interactive art installation offering the participant the rare pleasure of moving “something” with her eyes and symbolically controlling time.

It uses blink detection input, a quartz clock display, computer, webcam, microphone, and speaker. The quartz clock only moves and ticks when the participant blinks her eyes. Sneaky Time offers two different metaphors. First, it reminds the participant of the passage of time and its connection to the human body. The human body could be compared to a clock. Heartbeat, blinking, and breathing, the rhythmic functions of the autonomic nervous system, mark the passage of time. In addition, Sneaky Time points out the relationship between attention and the relativity of time. When a clock is watched time “stands still” or seems to progress slowly. When we do not pay attention, time sneaks by us. If a participant closes her eyes, the clock moves and ticks ten times faster. The clock’s ticking sound is amplified so that the participant can perceive the response even though her eyes are closed. Blinking is a silent activity but the synchronous sound created by blinking makes the participant aware of this unnoticed behavior and gives a new expressive opportunity to it.

Ozge Samanci (b. 1975 in Izmir) — a Turkish media artist with an extensive background in comics. Graduate of Istambul Bilgi University (2005), Ohio University (2005), Georgia Institute of Technology (2009). Assistant professor at the Radio, Television + Film Department, School of Communication, Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. Her interactive—digital media installations and other collaborative works have been exhibited in numerous venues internationally, including Siggraph, Advances in Computer Entertainment (ACE), Tangible and Embedded Interaction (TEI), Tech Museum at San Jose, Listening Machines Show at Eyedrum, and the Evanston Art Center. Her analog installations and images have been exhibited at University of California Botanical Gardens, Art House Coop, Sycamore Place Gallery, Gallery KG52 in Stockholm, Armory Center for Arts, Worth Ryder Art Gallery, and The Arcade Gallery. She authored the book “Animasyonun Onlenemez Yukselisi” (The Irresistible Rise of Animation), published by Istanbul Bilgi University Publications. Currently, she is working on her autobiographical graphic novel, “Dare to Disappoint”, under contract with Farrar Straus and Giroux.

She lives and works in Evanston.

Blacki Migliozzi is a Human—Computer Interaction graduate student at Georgia Tech with a background in Discrete Math & Nano—Materials. He makes biologically inspired digital artifacts. He is a design researcher and he specializes in User—Centered Evaluation, Usability, and Human Factors. His software engineering experience includes working on a Bio—Tracking Software Bundle released for Linux & Mac. As well as numerous web development projects: Web—based RNA viewer.

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