Staedtchen (2012)
International Video 1   

Mandy Krebs (DE)
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Städtchen (single—channel video, 2012)  On structures and demarcation of accessibility in public spaces.

In a district of Berlin, men in uniforms guard a sealed classical building and escort a passer through the streets. A factual text tells of the situation within the closed area, which can be entered only by permit. Still images portray peaceful town houses, modern and restored buildings surrounded by parking strips.

The sound reinforced the idyllic impression.

With the help of documentary representation method and Reenactment the film tells the story of the place fragmentary, but does not explain in detail.

Mandy Krebs (b. 1987 in Magdeburg) — Berlin based German artist.

She graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Arts Brunswick (class of John M. Armleder and Corinna Schnitt), where she is currently doing a postgraduate course.

She exhibited at University of Arts, Brunswick (2008, 2010, 2012), HFBK, Hamburg (2011), Temporärity, Berlin (2011), Kunstverein Braunschweig (2009) and Gallery New Jersey, Basel (2008), among others. Her films were screened at different festivals: Lichter Filmfest, Frankfurt; Filmsalat 10, Verden; manzara perspectives galerie, Istanbul; Open—Air, Weiterstadt; Spielplätze, Museum Folkwang, Essen.

WRO Art Center MKiDN Wrocław  
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