Nail Polish Tutorials (2011)

Yaima Carrazana (CU)

Work presented as part of the WRO 2013 on Tour in fragment Jasper Johns: Nail Polish Tutorial,  along with documentation (07:41)

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Nail Polish Tutorials (single—channel video, 2011) Joining elitist taste with popular taste.
A series of videos showing how to paint your nails based on artwork from renowned artists (including Kazimir Malevich, Barnett Newman, Frank Stella or Jasper Johns). This project is inspired by the thousands of video tutorials that appear on YouTube website that has opened the spectrum to a more personal image with minimal production costs. One of the most interesting trends is that of video—tutorials; where anyone can teach anything. Thus the possibility of teaching elitist—art through a nail polish video tutorial has a close relationship with utopian idea of “massification of culture” and to invite the viewer to learn within the exhibition space.
The videos remain a very specific aesthetic of youtube, but have no sound. In order to bring all together to the exhibition spaces, seeking the attention of the visitors and somehow changing the tradition of isolation of Internet users.

Yaima Carrazana (b. 1981 in Santiago de Cuba) — trained initially as a painter at the San Alejandro National Academy of Arts (2000—2003) in her native Cuba, she moves freely among various media and formats such as painting, video, photography, performance and installation. Throughout this range of media, Carrazana’s work stands out for the way it engages in a highly informed yet frequently irreverent dialogue with the history and discourse of contemporary art. Creating work that explores the unstable limits between what is considered art and what is not, Carrazana weaves a delicate web of commentary on the contexts — political, cultural, gender—based — that determine the way art is received and interpreted in today‘s globalized art world.
Her work has been exhibited in the Wilhelm—Hack—Museum (Ludwigshafen am Rhein, 2012), Kunsthal KAdE (Amersfoort, 2012), 12th Istanbul Biennial (2011), the Haifa Museum of Modern Art, Mudam—Luxembourg, the Fondation Cartier, the 2011 Liverpool Biennial, the 2008 Gwangju Biennial and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo.
In 2010, she completed two years residency program at the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam.
She lives and works in Amsterdam.

WRO Art Center MKiDN Wrocław  
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