Unbalanced Force (2011)

Krists Pudzens (LV)
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Unbalanced Force (installation, 2011)  The installation can be described as a combination of electro—mechanical and kinetic objects in which those objects separately exist in their own environment and according to strictly defined rules. Each object is a separate body, a cell symbolizing a particular economic or biological structure, which has to live in competitive surroundings. The only purpose of one cell is to scramble ahead competing or cooperating with other cells in order to retain equilibrium within the system. Thus the author depicts a simple economic model simultaneously analyzing and searching for the best possible options to keep the system balanced. The theme revolves around the idea of cycles and of competition versus cooperation. The system in this particular case is simple economic model characterized by a single value welfare. The system is closed and the only factors defining the level of welfare are cells and their ability to keep their common model in balance. Those cells, those mechanical bodies exist relatively for one another. They grow, rise, die and fall, get reborn and rise again. The goal of each individual cell is to reach its apogee.

Krists Pudzens — a Latvian new media artist. For the past six years he has explored the field of interactive and electronic art. His study is directed towards sculpture and the conceptual language of three dimensional forms, using a mix of many artistic and industrial techniques. He has participated in the arts and technology festivals Amber (2008 + 2009, Turkey), PixelACHE2010 (Helsinki) and Biennale WRO 2011 Alternative Now. He has graduated in sculpture from the Art Academy of Latvia.

He lives in Riga.

WRO Art Center MKiDN Wrocław  
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