Oda di Neuro (2012)
Rings of Saturn   

Joanna Malinowska (PL) + Patryk Lichota (PL)
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Oda di Neuro (installation, 2012)  An installation that moves the audience into the symbolic representation of a microcosm of the brain. The viewer enters the installation space with an EEG device  that maps brain activity for the reception of the audio—visual stimuli. At the same time, he/she experiences these stimuli generated by their brain and represented by a flashing LED and audible sequences that are controlled by EEG.

You can therefore imagine how firing coalitions of neurons form the basis of a conscious experience, accompanied by a constant pulse oscillation of 40Hz. The same frequencies are produced by the brain when perceiving oda di neuro. In this way, the micro and macro levels combine and penetrate, carrying the Gnostic idea of transcendence.

Joanna Malinowska — Master of Philosophy (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, 2004—10) and Art (University of Arts in Poznań, 2007—12). She is currently a doctoral student at the Institute of Philosophy at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. Her main area of research involves epistemology, cognitive science, philosophy of mind and science. In years 2010—11, she was curator and manager of Abnormals Gallery. She has also co—organized numerous concerts and festivals under the label of MASCHINENgeSCHREI, and music events Dark Hours.

Patryk Lichota — musician, composer, improviser, radio producer, co—organizer of the FRIV festival, member of HAT Center, a research center of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and a doctoral student at the Interactive Media Department there.

He plays the saxophone, theremin, zither, bass guitar and a laptop. He is the author of radio plays, performances (Strange Loop, Starving Mirrirs, Lightskin), composes music for theatre productions. He is the founder and leader of the audio—visual collective KakofoNIKT and member of groups like Resort, Ocean`s expedition submersible and Stupor. He played and / or recorded with Blanka Dembosz, Clayton Thomas, Piotr Mełech, Konrad Chyl, Jeff Gburek, Jakub Paczkowski, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Ilya Belorukow.

WRO Art Center MKiDN Wrocław  
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